Christmas Social / Auction / Fundraising 5th December 2009

We raised £232.53 at the Auction, Thank you very much for coming along, and donating to the group. Thanks to Stan G6ZNW for donating alot of Equipment, and Barry M3OYI, and many others. Thanks to Anne, and Shirley for the baking and doing the raffle. a great evening!

28th May 2009 - Folkestone Repeater group Newsletter Now available for download here

14th March 2009 - GB3FK Coverage improved
GB3FK Antenna was raised today, much higher! - coverage is very good, far improved. thanks go to the GB3FK Rigging team 2E0AYY, 2E0DJF, G4IMP, G4RJZ, M0WHO for all the hard work

1st November 2008
Thanks to Catherine M1CVF for the new look GB3FK Website.

1st September 2008
Echolink has been removed from GB3FK due to lack of use.

5th August 2008
GB3FK is on the move. We are moving the repeater to a site near to the town centre, Thanks to Denis G0SLJ for his help, and offer of the site. More information on the move soon.

13th July 2008
Thanks to everyone that came along to the GB3FK Birthday bash on the 12th July. we raised £82.85 for the upkeep of GB3FK.

I am very sad to report the passing of Ron M1CWQ. Ron was very active on GB3FK, and has always been a supporter of the repeater group. Ron donated the current GB3FK Antenna, and also helped out with the installation. He was always on hand if needed to help out. Ron was also very active on the air, and was always keen to hear local activity on our repeater. Ron will always be remembered for his humour, kindness and support.

News 20th June 2007
During the storm on the 19th of June we lost the GB3FK Internet linking equipment. The PC went up in a puff of smoke. A replacement power supply was installed, but that went bang too, so the entire computer is a write off. The internet linking and RSGB news service will be offline until further notice.

Battery Backup on GB3FK - The repeater now has a large UPS attached. It has already been tested in a power fail, and lasts for many hours.

The GB3FK Junk Sale - was held 16th April 2007 at the FADARS Club venue.
Thanks to Ian G3ROO for doing the Auction. We raised £91.30 in total which included the raffle we held. Thanks to everyone that came along to support the event.

News Posted 22/04/2007
Have you noticed poor handheld coverage in the low parts of Folkestone? if so please email me with a signal report
Matt M1CMN

News Posted 5/10/2006
For the last few days echolink has been offline due to network problems. Router and PC Problems.
This has now been resolved today, and everything is back to normal. RSGB News will be transmitted as normal at 6pm tonight.

News Posted 11/10/06
We seem to have the problem back with TSL on certain Radio's. We are aware of this problem, and hope to look into it very soon.
We are also aware of a problem on the MB7IMP Link, - If someone is on GB3FK in Folkestone, it doesnt always get transmitted
through the link. we are looking into this problem as well, and hope to have it resolved soon.

News Posted 11/07/06
The GB3FK BBQ was held on Saturday July 8th 2006. A big thank you to everyone that managed to come along to the event, we managed to raise around £90 for the repeater group. Thanks to all those that brought along raffle prizes. Thanks also go to Tony G4IMP and Anne G4RJZ for all the hard work they put in, and for making everyone welcome. Thanks also go to Stan G6ZNW The BBQ Man.

News Posted 20/05/06
The repeater seems to be working well since the work has been carried out on it.
Yaesu users with TSQL should now find it works ok on the repeater Internet linking has also improved. Reports welcome

News Posted 12/4/06
Problems with the DTMF decoder on the linking system
Some people's voices contain exactly the right combination to falsely trigger the DTMF decoder, so if a voice says something like "Not Found" after (or sometimes during an over), please ignore it!

News Posted 01/02/06
The Internet linking is still working very well on the repeater, its nice to hear a few local stations making use of the system.
A thank you to 2E0EVG for his kind comments with the internet Linking, during his holiday in Folkestone 2E0EVG used GB3FK to speak to his friends back in Yorkshire via the repeater and was very impressed with our system.

News Posted 06/12/05
The GB3FK Auction was held 5th December 2005 - Many thanks to Ian G3ROO for running the Auction, and those that supported the event.

News Posted 19/08/05
G4IMP Remote Echolink Transceiver in Hawkinge is connected to GB3FK 24 hours a day.
This is intended to "Extend" the coverage of GB3FK over the hill.Tony is on 145.2125 CTCSS on 103.5. The link is Simplex.

News Posted 3/07/05
The Summer BBQ Held on the 2nd of July was a success. A big thank you to all that came along, those that made a donation to the group, and provided a raffle prize. A big thank you to Tony G4IMP and Anne G4RJZ for making us all feel welcome and for all the hard work preparing the food etc. Thanks also to Stan G6ZNW for running the BBQ and raffle.

News Posted 26/06/05
GB3FK's RSGB News "test transmission" was carried out on the 26th of June with permission from the RSGB.
The GB2RS News broadcast proved to be very popular, and is now scheduled for Sunday evenings at 6pm starting 3rd July 2005..
This will be another great "add on" to GB3FK and is hoped local amateurs and SWL's will enjoy the broadcast.

News Posted June 2005
GB3FK Control Unit 2 is now in build, we hope to test it very soon!

News Posted 25/03/05
GB3FK's Echolink is now in the process of being tested. Online status is now available. The system will be tweaked over the next few days and progress will be made on the other local nodes.

News Posted 05/03/05
The Folkestone Repeater Group is in the process of setting up an echolink network in the Area.

News Posted March 2005
We started working on testing internet linking with GB3FK

News Posted January 2005
We started to explore the idea of internet linking on the repeater

News Posted September 2004
Saturday 25th September 2004 - The GB3FK antenna was raised around 3 meters, which seems to have made quite a difference to the coverage. Please send any reports to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Thanks to everyone that turned up to help with the antenna raise, as you will see from the photos below, everyone had a part to play!

GB3FK Antenna Raise

Gareth M3HFU, Pete G4EGQ, Tony G4IMP and John M1CXI take down the old mast and prepare for the raise!

GB3FK Antenna Raise

Pete G4EGQ, Tony G4IMP, John M1CXI and Ron M1CWQ. Tony ensures Pete doesnt over-do things lifting the antenna!

GB3FK Antenna Raise

As you can see from the photo, the antenna is a fair bit higher than before. We hope it works even better!

GB3FK Antenna Raise

To the left Paul 2E0AYY (Thinking what to have for breakfast) to the right Alan, G8KSD both in supervisor mode!

GB3FK Antenna Raise

To the left Ron M1CWQ to the Right Pete G4EGQ - Pete is taller, but not quite sure about those legs!

GB3FK Antenna Raise

I cannot really commment too much about this picture !! - but i am sure they are helping to errect the antenna!

GB3FK Antenna Raise

The antenna has now been fixed up with its new pole! - Tony G4IMP ensures its secure and ready to use!

July 2004
The 2nd of July - GB3FK took to the air. The paperwork arrived in the post, and it was switched on. Please send coverage reports to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. You will find coverage reports on the coverage page.

May 2004
The application appears to be going through ok so far! - we hope to hear something very soon now!

March 2004
Repeater was tuned up, and moved onto the GB3FK Site, installed, and ready for use.

Feb 2004
Repeater Antenna was installed, and tested using a 2m radio, Excellent reports.
We had reports from stations in Ashford, New Romney areas, all over Folkestone and Cheriton,
and one from the top of Dover. It proves that the antenna should to the trick to cover the area of Folkestone. Thanks to M1CXI and M1CWQ who braved the Winter weather (It snowed as the antenna install was completed!)

Jan 2004
Paperwork has been sent to the RSGB for consideration, and its now in the latest batch to be sent to Ofcom. I will post more information here as soon as i know. the Application can be traced via the RSGB Coldal website.