The Folkestone Repeater Group packet network is in its planning stages

The October monthly meeting showed a lot of interest in Packet Radio.

Since then, John G0GCQ has applied for a BBS GB7RMS, and is now running on the internet, and hopefully on RF 144.950 on the 6th Jan 2018.

Packet Update

Firstly a big thank you to John G0GCQ for his hard work getting GB7RMS Packet BBS back on the air. it is now working via the internet via Telnet, and hopes for it to be working on 144.950 on Saturday.

The best way to Telnet into the BBS via the internet is as follows

Firstly Email John G0GCQ with your name, callsign and a password. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Download Winpack from the website download the full version. Please note this only works on 32bit computers, NOT 64 bit (bad Luck G0PHO!!!)

when installed click on the menu at the top OPTIONS > Comms setup

Bottom right hand side Host Mode change to TELNET

Say OK

Back to the main screen

At the bottom box type in C GB7RMS.DDNS.NET:6300 then push enter

you should get a callsign prompt, type in your username and password provided by John.

You have access to the BBS!

Commands and more help available soon. A helpsheet will be available at the Feb Meeting.

We have scripts for auto connections to pull mail down to the winpack mailbox. More information soon.

Send John a packet message so he knows its working!


Subject: TEST


Type your Message to John

At the end type


When you get the GB7RMS Prompt type B for "Bye" to disconnect.

Putty Download

If you cant use winpack, try Putty ! -

install it

At the top user hostname type in and in port type in 6300

Connection type TELNET

Under saved sessions type GB7RMS and click "save"

then click open at the bottom to connect.

More commands and information soon!